Our most recent project, LIVCHAT, is a HIPAA compliant, end-to-end encrypted chat application that is changing the way we think about healthcare. Through the use of specialized technology it delivers quality care at a distance, makes healthcare institutions more efficient and improves patient and provider satisfaction while reducing costs. Check out LIVCHAT for yourself today: www.mylivchat.com.

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Reachark was developed to automate global intelligence and analysis and deliver actionable insights in an easily consumable format.
Reachark is an information integrator, using best of breed AI-as-a-service, and other SaaS providers to collect, analyze and deliver dynamic, topical research results on companies and business personalities of interest. Reachark is the go to product for those who seek to extract an information advantage from the avalanche of data we are all confronted with on a daily basis.

Reachark - Global Research Analytics Delivered

Other projects in development also explore technological possibilities involving the unique applications of AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. From helping end users extract actionable investment opportunities, to simplified messaging services between patients and medical service providers, Iron Sailor Research is reinventing how people do business on a global level and improving the way corporations and consumers interact in our increasingly connected society.

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